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Shop the Chvker Heart Jewelry Collection

You’re sure to fall in love with our large selection of heart jewelry! Boasting everything and anything you need to give a special gift, or simply pick up a new piece of jewelry for yourself, heart jewelry has been around for centuries and is timeless and classic.

Our jewelry designer knows how special and significant these accessories are, so she hand designed them with precision and care. Our heart collection ranges in simple styles to  large, funky heart designs that give tribute to 90’s style but has a trendy, urban edge.

Choose from heart lockets, heart pendants, heart rings, or dangly choker style necklaces; all embellished with hearts. Pick up some huggie style earrings, which sit closely on the lobe but have hanging heart designs in a selection of sizes, sparkles, and even colors. You’ll also love our duster earrings, which add texture and movement to any outfit, and plenty of sparkles as well!

Our materials are meant to provide anyone with the look of luxury for less. By utilizing such materials and techniques as gold plating, vermeils, and gold filling; as well as cubic zirconia and colorful enamel; there truly is something for everybody and every budget. Accessories are well made, sturdy and secure, and ultra-stylish.

Our designer understands that everyone has a unique style and individual personality. That’s why choosing a heart accessory from our line is easy. Pick up a set so items can be worn cohesively or as separates. PIck up a present for someone special that signals, “Be mine!” You can even gift that teen or young adult a little bit of luxury with our heart jewelry set in pave style stones that offer a ton of sparkle.

Hearts can completely transform an ensemble and make a gal feel loved by another, or even by herself! Whether you opt for something solid and shiny, or sparkly and carefree; our extensive heart line has you covered!

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