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Vermeil Jewelry

Shop the Chvker Vermeil Jewelry Collection

Beautiful, high quality, and shiny jewelry can and should belong to everyone! We are proud to produce this and more in our modern, fresh, fun, and fabulous vermeil jewelry collection.

What is Vermeil Jewelry?

We chose to use vermeil for a number of reasons, in many of our pieces. Vermeil has the look and feel of pure gold. In order to be considered a true vermeil, it must have a sterling silver base. Sterling silver is strong and sturdy, because it is a combination of allows, making it perfect for jewelry making! Vermeil also must be plated in at least 10 karats of gold, so you’re getting a shiny accessory that is also well made.

Our vermeil items include necklaces, earrings, and rings that range in size and shapes. Shop small, classic pieces that can be worn day to day or at special events. Shop our selection of modern and trendy pieces, that are worn by those who have fun getting dressed every day and who want to keep up with current social scene, including the hottest celebs.

You’ll love our vermeil pieces that are off set with colorful stones and sparkly, cubic zirconia gems. Always providing that something extra, our vermeil accessories always get noticed.

Vermeil jewelry is an affordable option if you’re updating your accessories or want to give a gift to someone special. Enjoy the look of luxury for less, without anyone ever knowing.

Our vermeil items accommodate any budget, any style, and any personality. Get one today!