5 Earrings Every Girl Should Own

Granted, it’s fun to experiment with the latest earring styles and keep up with the trends in the earring world. But does that mean the older ones should just be ignored and left to rot inside your closet or drawer? Nope!

Some styles refuse to die out and are here to be treasured forever! We’ve rounded up a list of five essential earring styles every girl should have in her jewelry arsenal.

Butterfly Earrings

Excited about date night and can’t decide what to wear? Dig out those butterfly earrings from your jewelry box and pair it with a silky top and denims or an awesome skater dress. They will also look exquisite with knee-length pleated chiffon skirts.

Butterflies are angelic and add a touch of nature and mystique to absolutely any look! You can wear them with almost everything in your wardrobe and exude grace and sophistication quite effortlessly.

Even if you choose to keep your outfit simple and ditch makeup, butterfly earrings especially butterfly drops, are an easy way to look and feel fun and feminine.

Heart Earrings

Hearts are timeless and women have been captivated by heart jewelry for decades. Don’t get rid of your heart earrings simply because you think they need to make way for newer styles.

Heart-shaped earrings, especially the ones with stones are perfect for enhancing and highlighting dressy outfits without being too distracting. Pair them with pretty cocktail dresses, glossy tops and denims or flowy midis to be a perfect 10!

Look for necklaces to complement your heart earrings. They can be heart-themed, floral-themed, butterfly-themed or even plain chokers. You can also choose to have multiple necklace layers with heart earrings.

Star Earrings

If you peek into your jewelry box and don’t see a set of star earrings, then grab your purse and go shopping!

Fashion pundits, we see you nod your heads in agreement on this one.  With star earrings, you will always be a star! They’re extremely multi-functional and complement many looks including casual, business casual, office, date night etc. You can wear them to a birthday party and to a formal business just as confidently.

They’re a great way to spruce up your boring office look without seeming frivolous. Don’t give away your star earrings even if you feel they’re out of fashion.

Plain Old Hoop Earrings

Odds are, you already own a few! Hoop earrings are simple and easy to throw on with almost any outfit even if you’ve just stumbled out of bed. This is an absolute jewelry staple and can be your savior for many different occasions.

Hoops are one of the coolest trends around and there are countless ways to pair your hoop earrings.

If you’re looking for a bold, bohemian or gypsy style, go for big round hoops that bring attention to your face and team them up with cool, trendy casuals.

On the other hand, if you want to look modern and sleek, shop for hoops that have fun geometric shapes to spice up the style.

Small hoops are perfect for those who have a minimalist approach to jewelry and can be teamed up with daytime and nighttime outfits. They look classy and will make a great addition to any outfit without overpowering the style.

Dangle Earrings

Every woman should own a pair of gorgeous dangle earrings. Earrings that hang down are super fashionable especially when they have an element of sparkle.

Dangles work wonderfully with sheath dresses for a fun nighttime look. Picture yourself waltzing into a party looking like a style diva in a pair of gorgeous dangles! Wouldn’t you love that?

You can just as easily pair them with daytime clothes for a powerful statement-making look.

Even if you’re looking to doll up in a simple dress, dangles will be great to add an element of spice and charm!

The days of constantly replacing old jewelry for new designs are over. Some designs are just here to stay and should be cherished for life.