5 Super Cute Necklaces to Gift your BFF

If you have a best friend who is like your sister, chances are you love showering her with sweet gifts. At Chvker Jewelry, we have put together some great gift ideas for you. Here are five super cute necklaces from our collection to gift your BFF to show her how much you appreciate her friendship.

Custom Name Chokers

What better way to show your bestie how much she means to you than with a charming choker necklace sporting her name? It is a fun way to express your friendship. Personalized gifts are charming, thoughtful and sentimental. Add some sparkle and you’re golden!

Check out our gorgeous choker necklace with shimmering cubic zirconia stones that your friend is bound to love. It has that irresistible “OOMPH” factor that will also attract a lot of eyeballs.

Broken Heart Necklaces

Having a hard time choosing something personal and thoughtful for your BFF? How about a broken heart necklace?

No, we’re not talking about a sad broken heart with an arrow going through it! We’re talking about two pieces of a heart pendant. Take a look at our  broken heart pendant necklace with two pieces of a broken heart that match up perfectly. This is an amazing gift for your ultimate partner in crime!

Keep one piece of the heart for yourself and give the other one to your BFF!

Angel Necklaces

If you have a friend who looks out for you, always has your back and loves random surprises, get her this Guardian angel necklace. This is a lovingly crafted piece of jewelry ornamented with glistening cubic zirconia stones. It Is also an amazing option for girls who love subtle yet special jewelry.

Ask your friend to team up this accessory with flowy, silky or satiny outfits to sprinkle some extra glam to her look.

Heart Locket Necklaces

Yes, locket necklaces are making a comeback! If your BFF loves old and classic styles, get her this vintage-inspired gold plated heart locket necklace. It is a fresh new take on a nostalgic piece that women all over the world love.

Locket necklaces will go with a lot of daily wear outfits and will make an amazingly awesome gift for your friend. If your friend is not a fan of vintage jewelry, get her a sparkling heart pendant necklace. It may be a cheesy gesture, but who cares? 😊

Butterfly Necklaces

If your bestie loves delicate jewelry, get her a butterfly necklace that she will cherish forever. If you don’t know where to find a good one, take a look at this impossibly cute butterfly pendant necklace from the Chvker collection. It’s gold-plated and exudes those lovely vibes of spring and summer.

Even if her personal style is tomboyish, she will absolutely adore this necklace. From off-shoulder styles to floral sundresses, this piece will add a high dose of cheerfulness and spirit to any look.

When it comes to fashion jewelry, women have a lot of options but make sure you buy something that your friend can pull off. If your gut feeling says your friend cannot pull something off, don’t buy it simply because it is fashionable.