Butterfly Jewelry For Every Occasion

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, right? If you love to have fun, are full of smiles, and really love playful pieces, you definitely need some butterfly jewelry in your world. Whether you choose to wear pretty butterflies on your ears or around your neck, you’ll be surprised to learn that there is butterfly jewelry designed for every occasion for your social butterfly self.

Meaning Behind The Butterfly

Let’s dish about the meaning behind these fluttery creatures! Butterflies are timeless symbols of change. Where you are in your life can determine the way you see and wear these awesome accessories.  A butterfly can symbolize the transformation you go through from a teen to adult, making them a wonderful Sweet 16 gift, graduation present, or just-because accessory. It can symbolize getting through a difficult moment in your life and moving on from it, like a break up or accident. It can also symbolize new beginnings such as a new friendship, new relationship, a move, or scoring a new job. Basically, there’s literally no reason why you shouldn’t have a butterfly piece.

Because butterfly jewelry is designed in a wide range of colors, styles, finishes, and sparkle (and who doesn’t love a little sparkle?); you can always ensure you are wearing the right piece for your day to day or special occasion needs.

Celebs Love Butterfly Jewelry

Take a cue from some famous celebs who rock it all, from butterfly anklets to butterfly necklaces. Kylie Jenner is often seen rocking a chunky gold or silver choker length chain embellished with some sparkly butterfly charms. Fashion trend setter Ariana Grande can also be spotted sporting butterfly dangle earrings with her girlfriend jeans and a plain white tee. Cardi B loves her some butterfly ring bling, and Taylor Swift is usually always wearing a butterfly pendant or bracelet of some sort. Hop on the bandwagon!

The fun thing about wearing butterfly jewelry is that it adds some whimsical style, some playfulness, and symbolism to any outfit.

Hottest Butterfly Jewelry Trends

If you want to add these statement accessories into your jewelry rotation, keep your eyes peeled for the hottest styles: 

  • Butterfly earrings with cascading fringe
  • Golden butterfly chokers (on golden chains)
  • Sparkly butterfly stud earrings
  • Wanderlust inspired butterfly necklaces and earrings
  • Over-sized butterfly rings
  • Shimmering butterfly charm style anklets

If you want to showcase some butterfly accessories casually, consider wearing a pair of butterfly hoops in order to offset a cute crop top paired with a silky and sweet kimono and distressed denim shorts.

For semi-formal attire, add a pop of color by fastening on an enamel coated butterfly in a bashful blush tone or a sea blue hue. This can break up black and white striped tops or dresses with ease.

When wearing butterfly jewelry for formal affairs like weddings, fancy dinner parties, and family events, go big and go glitzy. A dazzling butterfly pendant necklace or rhinestone butterfly studs are sure to give you a fun yet elegant look with your little black dress!

Butterfly jewelry has been around for decades and is still going strong. Whether you wear it because you have a deep connection with its meaning or you simply love the way it makes you look and feel, there is a wide variety of butterfly jewelry to choose from!