Cubic Zirconias are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Look out, diamonds! Cubic Zirconias are actually a girl’s best friend. With so many cuts, carats, and colors to choose from, it’s easy to see why. And, because cubic zirconias are much more budget friendly, they make wonderful and beautiful gifts to give and receive. When shopping for a cubic zirconia piece, there are certain cuts that will make your item stand out and look stunning. Read on to learn a little bit more about your options if you’re in the market for a new, sparkly accessory, whether they are CZ earrings or CZ adorned necklaces.

Round Cut

The most classic and traditional cut of a gemstone is round cut. Popular and pristine, its circular proportions reflect light, making it appear brilliant and bold, shining and shimmering; to its observer and wearer.

Cushion Cut

Closest to the round cut, this style was infamous during the early 1800’s, giving it a romantic, vintage look and feel. The cushion cut has multi-facets that draw your eye right to the center of the stone, promoting calmness and clarity.

Oval Cut

The oval cut is designed similarly to the round cut, but is elongated. Perfect for short fingers, it instantly adds length and slims out stubby fingers. An exceptional alternative to a traditional cut, the oval cut is still a classy and stunning choice.

Marquis Cut

Inspired by a Pompadour in France, this long and pointy stone has depth and flattering faucets. Representative of a brilliant smile, the Marquis cut has been around for ages and its points add some edge and interest to a cubic zirconia.

Pear Cut

This tear drop shaped stone is very similar to a round cut. Unique and dazzling, this ultra-shiny stone stands out in not only rings, but necklaces as well.

Asscher Cut

Antiquated but classic, the asscher cut is the perfect combination of a round cut and an emerald cut. Designed with layers of symmetric lines that encircle the entire stone, some believe the Asscher cut is the most beautiful and brilliant

Princess Cut

Square with sharp edges, the princess cut really is a royal piece of art. Ultra-shiny, the lines and layering involved in creating this cut’s sparkle is impressive and innovative. The edginess of the ring helps to soften features on hands and it is perfect for strong personalities.  

Radiant Cut

Rectangular in shape, this special cut has clipped sides, making it purely geometric. It’s facets are cut similarly to a round stone, making it brilliant and eye catching toward its center.

Why Cubic Zirconia?

Since you can get any of the styles mentioned above (and more!) just as you could for an authentic diamond, many wearers are opting to go with Cubic Zirconia. Why? Not only is it high in quality in regard to a diamond substitute, the stones are highly fashionable and trendy. CZ stones also go really well with Gold Vermeil Jewelry, classic necklace styles, and drop earrings.

Hard to tell the difference by the naked eye, hardly anyone but a gemologist can tell that the stone is not a real diamond. With that being said, this diamond alternative slashes the cost by hundreds!

Where Did the Cubic Zirconia Come From?

Created in a Russian lab in the early 1900’s, the CZ didn’t become popular with jewelers until the 1980’s. From that point on, the material has been upgraded and updated so that it is available in many different cuts and many different colors.

All in all, whether you are shopping for a new piece of jewelry for yourself or for others, or if you’re considering getting engaged in the near future; a cubic zirconia stone may be for you. With so many options and styles available, you’re sure to find a brilliant stone that compliments your personality, your style, and your budget!