Everything You Need to Know About Birthstones!


Every birthday month is associated with a precious stone. Known as birthstones, these shiny and smooth rocks are said to perfectly personify the person that wears them because of their deep connection to the time they were born. Birthstones are worn on the ears, around the neck in a pendant style, on bracelets, rings, and even anklets! If you want to brush up on your birthstones or simply read more about your own, here is everything you need to know in regard to birthstones.



Garnet-Fiery and striking, the garnet is a supremely mystical stone. While widely recognized in a red tone, the garnet can be seen in a rainbow of shades-even green, orange, or brown! A long time ago, those who wore a garnet did so to protect them from bad dreams and even as a good luck charm when travelling. The stunning stone looks warm and classic, with the perfect hint of mystique!



Amethyst-a violet shiny stone; the ancient Greeks and Romans believed in its intoxicating powers. Perfect for those level headed February babies who are also quick witted, this gem can be worn with warm and cool settings, and is widely known and loved.



Aquamarine-breathtakingly blue, this timeless gem symbolizes hope, health, and fidelity. Reflecting the tone of the sea and sky, it was once thought that those who wore this stone would live forever! Ranging in a scale of blue tones, it’s perfect for passionate and youthful March babies who love soothing and stylish jewelry.



Diamond-the total object of desire and the ultimate status symbol; April births are adorned with this gorgeous and classic gem. Formed 100 miles below Earth’s surface (and dating back to nearly a billion years ago), diamonds are the symbol of eternal love. Beautiful and special, this stone is associated with the four C’s-carat, color, clarity, and cut.



Emerald-regal and royal, this elegant green stone is known as the gem of Venus. The color of spring, or rebirth, the stone has been thought to aid in fertility. Emeralds come in green variations and the more blue the stone is, the more valuable! A favorite of Egyptian royals, the stone is widely known and recognized, and worn by both men and women regularly today.




Alexandrite-this magical stone is never the same color! Boasting a blue-green tone during daylight hours, the stone appears to cast a reddish, raspberry tone when viewed by lamplight. June babies are said to be imaginative, intuitive, and creative-so this stone, found in the Ural Mountains is the perfect fit!




Ruby-said to promote courage, love, and encourage passion, this strong stone was worn by emperors of the past to give them power. Some also believe that those who wear one will be overrun with good fortune. Ranging in hughes from purple-red to blue-red, a ruby is most associated with the hot, fire red hue. Super appropriate for those strong, July babies, this classic stone has been loved and valued for centuries.



Peridot-this powerful stone can take the form of a yellow green color, to brown! Once believed to be a gift from Mother Nature, the stone was used to celebrate the annual creation of a new world. Those who received it as a gift were said to possess special healing powers and would be protected from evil dreams. Found all over, the citrus toned gemstones are a beloved favorite from July birthday babes.




Sapphire-Bold and blue, this stunning stone has been known to be a symbol of honesty, loyalty, and trust. Ranging from blue to violet-blue, the stone can also appear pink, yellow, and peach! Coveted, dreamy, and romantic; solemn September babies pure personalities are perfectly represented.




Opal-opulent and unique, this smooth stone belongs to October babies. Known as the queen of all the gems during ancient times, every single opal is one of a kind. Its pearly white tone can have hints of yellow or red, blue, or even green when you view it in natural light. Some can even be black!




Topaz-this magnificent stone has been known to be the golden gem to offer up to the sun God in Egyptina and Roman cultures. Refectling the color of the sun, the stone can range from honey, to brown, and even have a red or pink hue. Special and enchanting, topaz also has been known for its protecting and healing properties.



Tanzanite-exotic and velvety blue, this stone has hints of purple in it, making it utterly rare and gorgeous. Striking and head turning, this stone that can be found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro complements December babies outgoing personalities and presence.



Whether you wanted to know more about these precious stones for your own purposes or because you wanted to choose the perfect gift for a loved one, this guide will steer you in the right direction while providing you with all the info you need to make your stylish purchase.