Jewelry Sizing Guide

A Perfect Fit!

How to Find your Jewelry Size

Have you ever sauntered by a jewelry display case admiring rings, but felt reluctant to make a purchase because you don’t truly know your size? This can be a big dilemma when shopping online, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. If you know your jewelry size you can shop with purpose and confidence in knowing that your ring, bracelet, or necklace will fit and you won’t be burdened with returns or never worn pieces. If you are a novice in the jewelry sizing department, read on to learn how to fit your perfect fit!

 Ring Sizing

If you want to quickly find your ring size, simply grab some dental floss. Wrap it around the bottom of the finger you want to measure and use a black marker to make a dot where it overlapped. Unwrap it from your finger and place it on a smooth, level surface. Using a mm ruler, measure from the end of the floss to the black dot. Voila! You will instantly have your size.

You can use string or even a thin strip of paper as well, if you don’t have floss on hand.

 Necklace Size

Who knew that choosing the right necklace length is a total science and can transform your accessory game? Because men and women have different neck lengths and thicknesses, certain necklaces may work well with your body and outfit, but others may not.

To figure out your minimum necklace length (which will fit as a choker style), simply wrap a soft tape measure around your neck. Pinch where the tape measure end point meets your starting point and allow the soft ruler to hang downward toward your shoes. Take note of what the measurement is and add 2 more inches to that number. This will be your necklace baseline. This reveals the tightest possible necklace you can wear and can also help you gauge the length of necklace that will provide you with a classic fit. For most, an 18 inch necklace will give a flattering, universal fit. However, if you’re shopping for an opera length necklace, for example; you want to ensure these long necklaces won’t be too long for your form. The same goes for lariat lengths and chokers.

Bracelet Size

When trying to find your bracelet size, you follow suit to how you would find your ring size. Use a string or a strip of paper to wrap around your wrist, under the wrist bone. Mark it where it meets the starting point and unwrap your measuring device. Use a ruler to calculate the length in inches or centimeters (although, inches are most standard). This is your wrist size.

While many bracelets are stretchy or adjustable, some cuff styles are not, and this measurement process is incredibly important.

Anklet Size

Similar to measuring for a bracelet, you want to wrap a non-stretchy piece of string or fabric around your ankle. Wrap it tightly and mark where it overlaps your starting point, just as you would if you were measuring for your ring or bracelet size.

Unwrap your measuring tool and use a ruler to see it’s actual length. Because you don't want to wear anything tight around your ankle, be sure to add an additional quarter to half inch. This will help ensure the anklet doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable, or worse, snaps in half with your movement or position changes.

Jewelry isn’t one of those things that are one size fits all. Your unique body has unique needs. Accessorize it and style in with pieces that fit snugly and securely. Consider some of the measurement methods above to never leave you second guessing your size whether you’re shopping for a ring, necklace, bracelet, or anklet!

Here's a helpful visual below for Necklace Sizing and Ring Sizing:

Necklace Size Chart

12’’/30cm 14’’/35cm 16’’/40cm 18’’/45cm 20’’/50cm 22’’/55cm

Ring Size Chart

5 15.66 6 16.45 mm 8 18.2 mm 7 17.3 mm 9 19.0 mm

How To Measure

1. Cut and measure a piece of string or paper that is roughly 3 inches long.
2. Wrap it around your finger where you wear a ring (base of Knuckle).
3. Mark where the ends overlap with a pen.
4. Unwrap your finger, lay it flat, and measure!