Zodiac Signs

(And Their Relationships to Jewelry Styles)

Did you know that there is a perfect piece of jewelry just waiting for you, based on your zodiac sign? It’s true! Whether you’re a Pisces, Libra, or Taurus, there are special stones that represent your unique personality according to your birth and alignment with the universe! Read on to learn about certain zodiac signs and their relationship to jewelry styles. We have amazing zodiac necklace designs just for you!



Garnet-These reddish stones are striking and look strong. A humanitarian at heart, those who are an Aquarius aspire to change the world and are very outspoken. Consider sporting this stone in a ring with a high prong setting, solo; allowing its beauty and hearty simplicity to get noticed.



Amethyst-This purplish-blue stone is perfect to be worn by the empathetic pisces. Full of experiences, the pisces will love the amethyst because it has a magical and gentle, playful sparkle. Because whimsy pisces doesn’t take life too seriously, consider wearing an amethyst in a beautifully set necklace pendant.



Bloodstone-A bold stone for a bold and brave person; this unique stone’s tone always seems to change based on the light it’s observed in. One minute blue, the other, purple-red; this stone keeps you on your toes, much like an aries! Wear it set among a bracelet or on a thumb ring to play up it’s original features-and yours!



Sapphire-This natural looking, sea blue stone is ideal for the calm, cool, and collected taurus. Nature loving and peaceful, a sapphire will look lovely in earring form on the taurus who loves to be outdoors enjoying the beauty of their surroundings.



Agate-This stone’s ever changing tone is the perfect match for a gemini. Often known as the sign that has two sides, the agate is both beautiful and mysterious. It’s the perfect combination of strong yet dreamy! Wear it in ring form to remind yourself that life is about balance and to enjoy the beauty of it when you’re trying to balance it all!



Emerald-Gorgeously green and utterly magical, the emerald complements that guarded cancer very well. Hard to get to know at first, the cancer has a beautiful heart and soul which they protect and treasure. The natural peacefulness and regalness of the stone can be worn well in bracelet form for cancers to enjoy.




Onyx-Strong and mystical like the Leo itself, an onyx is a stone that absolutely demands attention. Brave and passionate, onyx helps enhance leos bask in the spotlight like they love. Wear a statement making onyx necklace or ring to enhance your zodiac sign.



Carnelian-This rosy hued stone is feminine and fierce; like the virgo. The virgo is also practical and consistent, so this smooth stone isn’t overly shiny or in your face making it perfect to wear on a ring or in earring form!



Peridot-this quirky green stone is the perfect match for the balance libra. With green being a calming hue, many libras need this in their lives! Driven and social; the uniqueness of the stone helps enhance this sign’s strong personality and passion for life! Consider wearing a peridot in the form of a middle finger ring, to keep the scales balanced, or in earring form so that the stone sits on both sides of the body.



Aquamarine-Airy and earthy, the aquamarine has a passionate and powerful look, making it ideal for outspoken scorpios to adorn. With an appreciation for nature, the scorpio can showcase this organic looking stone that channels the sky and the sea! Wear it around your neck in layers or gold or silver settings.



Topaz-The sagittarius is a thoughtful, spiritual person, so topaz is the perfect pair. Shiny, shimmering, soft, and sunny; the topaz is a classic favorite and adds some cheerful pick me up to any outfit. Wear a topaz ring or necklace to channel some fashionable happiness!



Ruby-dark and brooding, the ruby is a dramatic stone that enhances a capricorn’s dramatic personality! Bold and outspoken, the capricorn isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. Consider wearing these polished blood red stones in the form of a tennis bracelet or around the neck in an amulet style necklace.


Now that you know the type of jewelry that is a must for your unique personality, consider scooping up these stones in the form of earrings, a necklace, ring, or even bracelet for yourself or someone who is in dire need of a great, personalized gift.